Greg Pieto

Samuel Greg Prieto

Associate Professor of Sociology, University of San Diego

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Prieto's research falls into three areas: immigration and social movements in the United States, policing and police violence (Border Patrol and local police), and LGBTQ youth and their pathways into and out of the juvenile justice system. He is interested in social inequality as it is experienced by vulnerable populations and how those groups develop strategies to manage and resist their marginalization.

In the News

Opinion: "Opinion: Undocumented Students Miss Out Without DACA, and the U.S. Loses All They Have To Offer Us," Samuel Greg Prieto (with Alejandra Sáez), The San Diego Union-Tribune, October 17, 2023.
Opinion: "Defunding the Police Means Refunding Poor Communities ," Samuel Greg Prieto (with Victor Rios), The San Diego Union-Tribune, August 28, 2020.
Opinion: "Mobilizing Threat," Samuel Greg Prieto, Mobilizing Ideas, July 27, 2018.


"Immigrants Under Threat: Risk and Resistance in Deportation Nation" (New York University Press, 2018).

Finds everyday life as an immigrant in a deportation nation is fraught with risk, but everywhere immigrants confront repression and dispossession, they also manifest resistance in ways big and small. Shifts the conversation from what has been done to Mexican immigrants to what they do in response.