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Stephanie Glaberson

Director of Research & Advocacy, Center on Privacy & Technology at Georgetown Law, Georgetown University
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Glaberson is an attorney, researcher and advocate whose research focuses on data, privacy, civil rights, and child welfare/family regulation, among other issues. Overarching themes in Glaberson's writings include the surveillance and policing of marginalized families. Glaberson previously served as a Visiting Professor and Director of Georgetown Law's Civil Litigation Clinic.

In the News

"It’s Family Regulation, Not a Computer Glitch," Stephanie Glaberson (with Marshneil Lal), Arizona Daily Star, September 27, 2023.
"Parenting as a Public Service," Stephanie Glaberson, Ms. Magazine, April 28, 2022.


"The Epistemic Injustice of Algorithmic Family Policing" UC Irvine Law Review (Forthcoming).

Argues that a key mechanism by which the family policing system accomplishes its subordinating design is through the regulation of knowledge production and sharing. Explores the ways that family policing’s turn to “big data” risk prediction algorithms scales up and expands the system’s already-pervasive epistemic injustice.

"Coding Over the Cracks: Predictive Analytics and Child Protection" Fordham Urban Law Journal 46, no. 2 (2019).

Explains the fundamentally human processes that go into the creation of predictive analytic tools and highlights some of the risks that these tools pose when incorporated into child welfare system decision-making. Argues that the choices made in developing predictive tools implicate some of the most fundamental and as-yet unanswered questions in our child welfare system.