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Teressa Sumrall

Assistant Professor of Family and Child Studies, Appalachian State University
Chapter Member: North Carolina SSN
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Sumrall’s research primarily focuses on processes and contextual influences that impact in-service and pre-service early childhood teacher development. Overarching themes in Sumrall’s work include early learning and development standards, emergent language and literacy, and pre- and in-service teacher education and professional development. Sumrall serves on nonprofit boards, consulting roles and projects in rural Appalachia.



"Using Early Learning and Development Standards for Intentional Literacy Instruction in Early Childhood Classrooms" (with Rebecca Lee Payne Jordan). Literacy Matters 21 (2021): 46-50.

Describes the role of Early Learning and Development Standards (ELDS) in planning and enacting intentional literacy instruction in early childhood classrooms.

"Student Teaching Within Early Childhood Teacher Preparation Programs: An Examination of Key Features Across 2- and 4-Year Institutions" (with C. Scott-Little, K.M. La Paro, R. C. Pianta, M. Burchinal, B. Hamre, and C. Howes). Early Childhood Education Journal, no. 45 (2017): 821-830.

Includes descriptive data from a survey of 103, 2- and 4-year early childhood teacher preparation programs related to key features of student teaching in these programs, including field placement sites