Theodore R. Marmor

Professor Emeritus of Public Policy and Political Science, Yale University
Chapter Member: Connecticut SSN
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Marmor's scholarship primarily concerns welfare state politics and policy in North America and Western Europe. He was a member of President Carter's Commission on the National Agenda for the 1980s, and has testified before Congress about medical care reform, Social Security, and welfare issues, as well as being a consultant to the states of Kentucky, Delaware, Texas, Illinois, and Vermont, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, the Congressional Committee on Ways and Means, the Urban Institute, the President's Commission on Income Maintenance, the National Institute for Mental Health, the Office of Equal Opportunity, The Ford Foundation, and the Attorney-General, Canada.


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Guest on Air Talk, KPCC, November 25, 2009.


"Fads, Fallacies, and Foolishness in Medical Care Management and Policy" (World Scientific Press, 2007, paperback 2009).
Addresses the distortions of pro-market and marketing rhetoric, the pursuit of policy panaceas, and reasons for repeated disappointment from policy proposals that confuse aspiration with doability.
"Understanding Social Insurance: Fairness, Affordability, and the ‘Modernization’ of Social Security and Medicare" (with Jerry L. Mashaw). Health Affairs 25 (2006): w114–w134.
Sets out the fundamentals of social insurance and how they are distorted and misunderstood in so much of American political commentary.
"America’s Misunderstood Welfare State " (with Jerry L. Mashaw and Philip L. Harvey) (Basic Books, 1990, paperback 1992).
Describes the realities of American social welfare policy by contrast with the myths about Social Security, Medicare, and public assistance that were given greater currency in the 1970s and full expression in the rhetoric of the Reagan years. As relevant to today’s arguments as if written yesterday, especially in connection with the affordability of Social Security retirement pensions.
"The Politics of Medicare " (Transaction Books, 1973).
Portrays how the Medicare program came to be enacted, and, in the second edition, how its politics shifted from disputes about its appropriateness to, in current terms, its affordability.