Zia Muhammad

PhD Scholar, North Dakota State University
Areas of Expertise:

About Zia

Muhammad's research interest includes the security and privacy challenges of smartphones, electric & autonomous vehicles, and the impact of various government/ public policies on society.


"A Systematic Evaluation of Android Anti-Malware Tools for Detection of Contemporary Malware," (with Muhammad Faisal Amjad, Haider Abbas, Zafar Iqbal, Anique Azhar, Ashan Yasin, and Hasan Iesar), IEE XPlore, October 20, 2021.

Checks the strength of existing anti-malware tools, we present an in-depth study of Android anti-malware tools built over the last decade.  Classifies anti-malware tools, according to their analysis methodology along with their protection capabilities, performance, accuracy rate, usability, and ability to classify malware families.

"A Malware Evasion Technique for Auditing Android Anti-Malware Solutions ," (with Samrah Mirza , Haider Abbas, Waleed Bin Shahid, Narmeen Shafqat, Mariagrazia Fugini, and Zafar Iqbal), IEE XPlore, October 27, 2021.

Analyzes various Android malware evasion techniques, along with their pros and cons. Conducts a detailed comparison of existing anti-malware tools and measured their efficacy against the discussed evasion techniques. Shows finally a more sophisticated anti-malware evasion technique is proposed that uses exhaustive obfuscation and remote code execution.