Working Group on Civic Engagement


Many social movement leaders and civic activists realize that this is an important moment for building new capacities and coalitions – going well beyond the professionally led and often narrowly focused efforts that proliferated at the end of the twentieth century. Organizational experience has piled up, and new ideas and technologies abound. SSN scholars in this Working Group have done cutting edge research on citizen engagement, participation, and mobilization. Their work helps to diagnose the current state of American civic engagement and highlights promising potential improvements for civil society in many realms. They are well-positioned to prepare briefs, media contributions, consultations, and public presentations that both diagnose the challenges citizen activists and groups are facing and suggest specific steps the activists and groups can take to meet the challenges and seize opportunities in local and national arenas. 




Hahrie Han, Associate Professor of Political Science, Wellesley College


David Karpf, Assistant Professor of Media and Public Affairs, George Washington University



Kenneth T. Andrews, Professor of Sociology, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill


Matthew Baggetta, Assistant Professor of Public and Environmental Affairs, Indiana University


Linda J. Beck, Associate Professor of Political Science and Chair of International and Global Studies, University of Maine at Farmington


Richard Blissett, PhD Candidate in Education Leadership and Policy Studies, Vanderbilt University


Irene Bloemraad, Associate Professor of Sociology, University of California, Berkeley


Harry C. Boyte, Senior Fellow at the Humphrey School of Public Affairs, University of Minnesota; Director of the Center for Democracy and Citizenship, Augsburg College; National Coordinator of the American Commonwealth Partnership

David Broockman, Graduate Student in Political Science, University of California, Berkeley


Marshall Ganz, Senior Lecturer in Public Policy, Harvard Kennedy School, Harvard University


Kristin Goss, Co-Director of the Research Triangle SSN Regional Network; Associate Professor of Public Policy and Political Science, Sanford School of Public Policy, Duke University; Director of the Duke in DC Program

Samara Klar, Assistant Professor of Political Science, School of Government and Public Policy, University of Arizona


Casey A. Klofstad, Associate Professor of Political Science, University of Miami; and Visiting Scholar, Department of Biology, Duke University


Daniel Kreiss, Assistant Professor, School of Journalism and Mass Communication, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill; and Affiliate Fellow, Information Society Project, Yale Law School

Taeku Lee, Professor of Political Science and Law, and Chair of the Department of Political Science, University of California, Berkeley


Adam Levine, Assistant Professor of Government, Cornell University


Paul Lichterman, Professor of Sociology and Religion, University of Southern California


Wesley Longhofer, Assistant Professor of Organization & Management, Goizueta Business School, Emory University


Ronald J. MacAllister, Provost Emeritus, Elizabethtown College


Dyana P. Mason, Assistant Professor of Planning, Public Policy and Management, University of Oregon


Bill McKibben, Schumann Distinguished Scholar, Middlebury College


Melissa R. Michelson, Professor of Political Science, Menlo College


Kenneth W. Moffet, Associate Professor of Political Science, Southern Illinois University Edwardsville


Steven Michael Polunsky, Research Scientist, Texas A&M Transportation Institute


Laurie L. Rice, Associate Professor of Political Science, Southern Illinois University Edwardsville


Deana A. Rohlinger, Associate Professor of Sociology, Florida State University


Peter M. Shane, Jacob E. Davis and Jacob E. Davis II Chair in Law, Ohio State University


Emily D. Shaw, Assistant Professor of Political Science, Thomas College


Dara Z. Strolovitch, Associate Professor, Department of Political Science, University of Minnesota


Steven M. Teles, Associate Professor of Political Science, Johns Hopkins University


Edward Walker, Assistant Professor of Sociology, University of California, Los Angeles


Mark R. Warren, Associate Professor, Department of Public Policy and Public Affairs, University of Massachusetts Boston


S. Laurel Weldon, Professor of Political Science and Director, Center for Diversity and Inclusion, Purdue University


Richard L. Wood, Associate Professor of Sociology and Founding Director of the Southwest Institute on Religion, Culture, and Society, University of New Mexico