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Chapter Spotlight: San Diego SSN Collaborates with Civic Organizations in Their City

“As advocates, we decided that working directly with academics to help engage in the design of experiments, as well as the dissemination of critical information to decision-makers and communities was an obvious and necessary step to enacting crucial climate policies." - Mikey Knab, Director of Policy, Climate Action Campaign As...
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Member Spotlight: Zoltan Hajnal’s Years-Long Push for On-Cycle Elections

“The easiest, most politically viable, and most effective way to expand turnout and make local democracy more representative is to shift the timing of local elections so that officials in cities and suburbs are elected at the same time as presidents, governors, and legislators, at times when voter interest and...

Forum on San Diego's Future: San Diego SSN Members Share their Recommendations

Eight members of San Diego SSN wrote the memos to provide research-based resources on issues being discussed by candidates for city and county office. Each brief is grounded in scholarly research and proposes best practices based on research findings. If you are a local journalists, policymaker, or civic leader looking...