3 Experts Available for Timely Analysis on Work Requirements Proposal

Director of Membership Engagement

As the debt ceiling standoff continues, Republicans are waiting for the Biden Administration to make concessions on their work requirements proposal - which would introduce stricter work requirements for Americans who are recipients of Medicaid and food stamps.  

For reporters looking for an expert on the impact this proposal could have for low-income Americans receiving federal aid, the following university-based experts are available to provide commentary and analysis. 

Georgetown University

Moynihan's research focuses on how government administrative processes work. Overarching themes in Moynihan's writings include how bureaucracy, confusing paperwork, and complex regulations often introduce delay and frustration into our experiences with government agencies. Moynihan also studies the behavioral effects of efforts to improve public sector outcomes through government reform.

Marquette University

Rocco's research examines the political economy of policy expertise. He teaches courses on American politics, the policymaking process, and the politics of numbers. In 2018, he wrote a policy brief titled Why Work Requirements Will Not Improve Medicaid

The George Washington University

Rosenbaum has devoted her professional career to issues of health justice for populations who are medically underserved as a result of race, poverty, disability, or cultural exclusion. She is best known for her work on the expansion of Medicaid, the expansion of community health centers, patients' rights in managed care, civil rights and health care, and national health reform.