Expert Spotlight: Anti-Asian Discrimination and Hate Crimes

Last night, eight people - most of them women of Asian descent - were killed in a series of shootings across three Atlanta-area spas. The shootings are feared to be racially motivated, reflecting a wider crisis of anti-Asian discrimination and attacks across the United States in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. To provide analysis and perspective on these attacks, as well as the ongoing problem of anti-Asian racism, Professor Pawan Dhingra is available to comment. 

Dr. Dhingra is the President-elect of the Association for Asian American Studies. He has co-authored the book, Asian America: Sociological and Interdisciplinary Perspectives. He is a sociologist and professor of American Studies who has taught and published on Asian America for over 20 years. Recently, he has commented for the media on anti-Asian racism in schools, as well as the need to use terms like 'hate crime' carefully

Amherst College

"Anti-Asian American racism is on the rise again, and it shows that it can not be blamed on political rhetoric alone. To combat it, we need to go beyond the current calls for greater attention to hate crimes."