Experts Available on 2020 Census and Gerrymandering

The Supreme Court is set to rule on two pivotal court cases related to partisan gerrymandering and a lawsuit about whether the federal government can include a citizenship question in the upcoming 2020 census.

For journalists looking for expert sources on these Supreme Court decisions, these researchers are available to comment:

Census Citizenship Question

City University of New York

Email: [email protected]


Expert on immigration and its long-term consequences in terms of the intergenerational changes to immigrant-origin groups as well as the impacts on the societies they have joined.

University of New Mexico

Email: [email protected]


"Adding a citizenship question will undermine our constitutional mandate of conducting a complete and accurate count every ten years of every single person living in the U.S., regardless of citizenship status."


Partisan Gerrymandering

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Email: [email protected]


"More than ever, we need to promote fairness, participation, and transparency in the institutions of democracy. Neither technology nor social science will save us - but they can help."

University of North Carolina at Charlotte

Email: [email protected] 


Expert on electoral behavior, with special emphasis on design and administration of election systems, redistricting, compliance with the Voting Rights Act, and campaigning for public office.

New York University, School of Law

Email: [email protected]


Expert on the influence of institutions on individual behavior, including redistricting in the United States, the effects of state-level reforms designed to make it easier to vote, and the ability of compulsory voting rules to improve representation of citizen's preferences and increase participation in elections. 

Washington and Lee University

Email: [email protected]


"SCOTUS has once again kicked the gerrymandering can down the road. Until the Court strikes down single-member districts, gerrymandering and the expensive, unethical litigation pursued by all involved will continue."