Experts Available: Bipartisan Infrastructure Deal

Director of Communications

With the details of the bipartisan infrastructure deal finally unveiled, it's clear that there are implications for many sectors of the American economy. For reporters covering the details of the proposal, the following researchers are available to provide expert analysis and commentary on the main investments included in the bill.


University of Minnesota

Fisher's research centers on sustainable architecture, design ethics, and community-based service design. His recent research has focused on the design of transportation infrastructure related to autonomous vehicles and mobility services, as part of National Science Foundation and Department of Transportation grants.

Public Transit

The Natural Hazards Center, University of Colorado, Boulder

Painter’s research primarily centers around transportation and technology, including public transit, transportation network companies (TNCs), and transportation planning. Most of her focus has been on mobility within urban transportation systems, including light-rail systems and the urban policy process of TNC policy.


University of Hawaii at Manoa

Buente's research examines the interplay between society and information and communication technologies, including issues relating to information systems, digital inequality, social media, and broadband policy.  He is currently working on broadband initiatives on O‘ahu and neighbor islands.

Pipes/Drinking Water

University of Michigan-Ann Arbor

Hughes’s research focuses on urban water and climate change policy and politics. Current projects examine financial, institutional, and political challenges to safe and sustainable urban water systems in the US, justice and equity in urban climate change policies, and water affordability.

Energy Grid

Syracuse University

Huber's research focuses on the politics of energy and climate change, including the relationship between oil and American politics, the political economy of mineral extraction, and the industrial ecologies of agricultural fertilizers.