Experts Available: Taliban Takeover in Afghanistan and Developing Refugee Crisis

As the Taliban takeover in Afghanistan continues to dominate news headlines, lots of questions are being asked: to what degree is the United States responsible for the turmoil? Could better decisions have been made, both recently and long-term? What can (and should) the United States do to aid the developing refugee crisis? For reporters covering the collapse of Afghanistan and the United States' involvement, the following experts are available to provide commentary and analysis. 

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Sullivan is an expert on the utility of military force as a policy instrument and the impacts of security assistance in fragile states. She is currently writing a book on U.S. security assistance and human security. Her research has been funded by an Andrew Carnegie Fellowship from the Carnegie Corporation, the National Science Foundation, the Smith Richardson Foundation, the Institute on Global Conflict and Cooperation, and the Office of Naval Research.

Duke University

Jentleson has expertise on many aspects of U.S. foreign policy, particularly the Middle East. He served as senior adviser to the State Department Policy Planning Director (2009-11) and in other foreign policy positions. He has written extensively on American military interventions and public opinion.