Louisiana Amendment 1: Explained by the Experts

The 2020 election is quickly approaching, and in some cases voters have already cast their ballots. Not only are voters selecting their preferred candidates, but many are also weighing in on ballot initiatives with important implications for public policy.

For reporters covering the debate around Louisiana Amendment 1 regarding the right to abortion, the following experts are available to provide commentary and analysis:

Tulane University

Expert on the relationships between reproductive politics and social inequality. 


"If Amendment 1 passes, it will further erode bodily autonomy in a state that already has abysmal health outcomes for women. It will make future efforts to improve abortion access in Louisiana more difficult. A “no” vote would signal that the public rejects the status quo of restricting abortion access."

Tulane University

Expert on the provision of reproductive health and family planning services.


“Amendment 1 removes the rights of Louisianian women to a healthy life by barring their access to quality health care, to which every individual is equally entitled. It forces women to obtain clandestine and unsafe services, likely leads to severe consequences and costly health care for individuals and the government.”