Alisa Von Hagel

Associate Professor of Political Science, University of Wisconsin-Superior

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Von Hagel's research focuses on reproductive policy, social movements, and biotechnology in the United States. Currently, her work examines the role of the Religious Right in reshaping the public discourse on issues of success to abortion and the right to same-sex marriage. Further, this work considers the impact of this changing strategy and discourse bu the Religious Right on public policy. Based upon her background and teaching experience, she has given over 50 interviews on local and national politics for a number of local affiliates of NPR, CBS, and Fox news organizations.


The Abortion Barriers and Needs of Black Women

    Daniela Mansbach ,

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"Anti-Abortion Bills Get the Ink While Reproductive Justice Gets Ignored," Alisa Von Hagel (with Daniela Mansbach), Guest Columns, The Cap Times, December 9, 2021.
Alisa Von Hagel quoted by Peter Cameron, "After Loosening of Campaign Finance Laws, Cash Poured into Race for Bewley Senate Seat" Superior Telegram, May 7, 2019.
Alisa Von Hagel's research on ethical questions surrounding "fertility loans" discussed by Kylie McConville, "Hope for Families? More Lenders Offering Loans for Fertility Treatments," The Bump, April 29, 2019.
Alisa Von Hagel quoted on crisis pregnancy centers' use of medical misinformation by Jennifer Gerson, "Fake Health Clinics are Tricking College Students" Cosmopolitan, February 1, 2019.
Alisa Von Hagel's research on ethical questions surrounding "fertility loans" discussed by "Marketing Loans for Fertility Treatments Raises Ethical Concerns," Science Daily, December 9, 2013.


"The Regulation of Exploitation: A Comparative Analysis of Surrogacy Arrangements in Israel and the United States" (with Daniela Mansbach). International Feminist Journal of Politics 18, no. 2 (2015): 190-209.

Provides an analysis of the local conditions that shape exploitation in surrogacy arrangements in Israel and the United States. Focuses on the selection and compensation of surrogates to analyze the impact of local forces that define certain practices and regulations as exploitative in order to analyze the universal and local forces that shape exploitation.

"The Battle for Recognition: Religious Freedom post-Obergefell" (with Daniela Mansbach). Law, Culture, and the Humanities (2017): 1-23.

Analyzes the latest efforts by opponents of same-sex marriage to frame their battle against this practice as a matter of religious liberty. Explains that by framing the opposition to same-sex marriage as an issue of religious liberty, the religious right does not need to change public opinion on same-sex marriage, arguing instead that this is an issue of conflicting rights, with the opposition simply fighting for individual liberty.

Reproductive Rights in the Age of Human Rights: Pro-Life Politics from Roe to Hobby Lobby (with Daniela Mansbach) (Palgrave Macmillan, 2016).

Traces the development of the discourse used by the pro-life movement since the 1970s, and its relationship to public policy efforts at the state and federal level. Argues that these successes are the result of a dynamic and responsive movement, which has adapted both its discourse and public policy efforts since Roe v. Wade.