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Anna Lunn

PhD Candidate in Sociology, Stanford University
Chapter Member: Bay Area SSN, California SSN
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Lunn's research focuses on consumer behavior particularly household spending and investments in human capital. Overarching themes in Lunn's writing include family allocation of resources and how social and economic contexts shape household spending and investments.


Why Public Transit Helps Young People Get Work

    Christof Brandtner , Cristobal Young


"Family Investments in Education during Periods of Economic Uncertainty: Evidence from the Great Recession" (with Sabino Kornich). Sociological Perspectives 61, no. 1 (2017): 145-163.

Examines how different income groups altered their spending on education for children under 18 during the 2008 economic crisis

"Spatial Mismatch and Youth Unemployment in US Cities: Public Transportation as a Labor Market Institution" (with Cristobal Young and Christof Brandtner). Socio-Economic Review (2017).

Tests whether better public transit services reduce youth unemployment.