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Christopher S. Harris

Associate Professor of Communication, Nevada State College

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Harris's research focuses on radical pedagogy, media literacy, Africana studies, and fin-de-siecle Black American music. Overarching themes in Harris's writings include teaching to inspire the achievement of civic minded standpoints, the interplay between power and discourse in society, and strategies for sustained activism in an age of managed democracy. Harris serves as a core faculty member for the Salzburg Academy of Media and Global Change (an annual international media literacy academy housed in Salzburg, Austria) and a board member for Change the Play (an innovative after-school program that uses audio engineering and fashion design to try to bolster interest in education among at risk students).


Why Nevada Needs the Nepantla Program and Others Like It

  • Leila Pazargadi


"Teaching Blended Content Analysis and Critically Vigilant Media Consumption" Communication Teacher 29, no. 4 (2015): 227-233.

Explores how using contemporary/relevant themes and content analysis is a popular and effective way to help students better make sense of the impact and potential intentions of the media they consume.