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Nevada SSN focuses on connecting its members with policymakers, civic leaders, and journalists. We are passionate about public policies concerning education, public health, and criminal justice reform.

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Latest Contributions

Why Nevada Needs the Nepantla Program and Others Like It

  • Leila Pazargadi
  • Christopher S. Harris

How to Help English Learners Succeed in School

  • Vanessa Mari

Latest in the News

Guest to discuss Sex Workers Say Anti-Trafficking Law Fuels Inequality on Marketplace Podcast, Barbara G. Brents, April 30, 2021.
"Dennis Hof: Showman and Sex Industry Modernizer," Barbara G. Brents, Opinion, The Nevada Indpendent, October 23, 2018.
"Nevada Brothels Need Reform, Not Prohibition ," Barbara G. Brents (with Sara J. Blithe), Voices | Opinion, Reno Gazette Journal, October 1, 2018.
Barbara G. Brents quoted on the language of workers’ rights and without backing up the rhetoric with data of her own along with prostitutes’ unions not only have very low membership, but can’t offer what most women want: economic alternatives to prostitution., "What’s the Right Way to Legalize Prostitution?" The New York Review, August 7, 2018.
"Locking People in Cages and Family Separation Is Nothing New in Nevada Copy," Katherine Durante, Opinion, The Nevada Independent, July 24, 2018.

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