Daniel Raimi

Lecturer in Public Policy, University of Michigan
Senior Research Associate, Resources for the Future
Chapter Member: Michigan SSN
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Daniel Raimi is an expert on energy policy issues including oil and gas markets and policy, regulation of unconventional oil and gas production, state fiscal policy design for oil and gas production, the climate implications of shale gas development, and federal climate policy design. As Senior Research Associate for Resources for the Future, he works on a range of energy policy issues with a focus on oil and gas systems, natural resource taxation, electricity systems, and climate change. 


How the States Manage Revenue from Growing Oil and Natural Gas Production

  • Richard G. Newell

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"Shale Public Finance: Government Revenues and Costs Associated with Oil and Gas Development," (with Richard G. Newell), National Bureau of Economic Research, September 2015.

Examines financial implications for local governments associated with increased domestic oil and gas production, largely from shale resources. Finds that most, but not all, county and municipal governments have experienced net financial benefits.