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Daphne C. Hernandez

Research Associate Professor, University of Texas – Houston

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Hernandez center family-related factors in her research, such as poverty and family structure, and their influence on food insecurity and food assistance program participation (i.e. indicators of poverty) and obesity. She also examines stress, social support, depression, and cardiovascular health. Hernandez primarily studies racial and ethnic minorities, women, and children and has contributed to the fields of child development, family, and public health.


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"Bidirectional Relationship Between Food Insecurity and Housing Instability" (with Che Young Lee, Xue Zhao, Layton Reesor-Oyer, and Aliye B. Cepni). Journal of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics (2020).
"Food and Vegetable Consumption and Emotional Distress Intolerance as Potential Links Between Food Insecurity and Poor Physical and Mental Health among Homeless Adults" (with Sajeevika S .Daundasekaraa, Katherine R. Arlinghausa, Anika Pal Sharmac, Lorraine R. Reitzelbd, Darla E. Kendzoref, and Michael S.Businelleef). Preventive Medicine Reports 14 (2019).
"Food Insecurity and Housing Instability During Early Childhood as Predictors of Adolescent Mental Health." (with Cherine Hatem, Che Young Lee, Xue Zhao , Layton Reesor-Oyer, and Tabbetha Lopez). Journal of Family Psychology 34, no. 6 (2020): 721-730.

Examines the effects of food insecurity and housing instability experiences during early childhood on adolescent anxiety and depressive symptoms through maternal depression and parenting stress.