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Dallas-Fort Worth SSN connects scholars to journalists, policymakers, and civic leaders in the DFW metro area.

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Latest Contributions

Believe the Data: More Immigration Does Not Lead to More Crime

  • Alex R. Piquero

What Kinds of Public Policies Promote Human Happiness?

    Patrick Flavin , Benjamin Radcliff

How Women Legislators Help States Become More Supportive of Older Citizens

  • Joanne Connor Green
  • Charles Lockhart

Latest In the News

Patrick Flavin's research on public spending discussed by Robby Berman, "The States with the Happiest Americans Spend More Money on ‘Public Goods’," Big Think, January 10, 2019.
"We Are Divided on Black Lives Matter and Other Movements," Alex R. Piquero (with Erin Orrick), My San Antonio, December 16, 2018.
Patrick Flavin's research on public spending discussed by Tom Jacobs, "New Research Suggests Government Spending Can Spread Happiness," Pacific Standard, November 29, 2018.
"Sometimes, Locking Kids Up Makes Matters Worse," Alex R. Piquero, Huffington Post, February 21, 2017.

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