Matthew R. R. Keller

Associate Professor of Sociology, Southern Methodist University
Chapter Member: Dallas-Fort Worth SSN
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Keller’s research concerns technological innovation and the government’s role in the U.S. innovation system. Recent works and a co-edited volume, “State of Innovation,” document a wide array of policies and programs involved in the development of innovative technologies.


A Strategy to Foster Advanced Manufacturing in the United States

  • Fred Block
  • Andrew Schrank
  • Josh Whitford

The Vital Role of Government in U.S. Economic Innovation

  • Fred Block


"State of Innovation: The U.S. Government’s Role in Technology Development" (with Fred Block) (Paradigm, 2011).
Provides the most comprehensive description and analysis to date of the U.S. government’s role in supporting the innovation economy over the last four decades.
"The CIA’s Pioneering Role in Public Venture Capital Initiatives" in State of Innovation: the U.S. Government’s Role in Technology Development, edited by Fred Block and Matthew R. Keller (Paradigm, 2011), 109-132.
Describes the political factors that gave rise to broad experimentation with public venture capital agencies, and documents the diffusion of public venture capital initiatives within the federal government that followed from a bold experiment undertaken by the CIA.
"Where Do Innovations Come From? Transformations in the U.S. National Innovation System 1970-2006," (with Fred Block),

Report issued by The Information Technology and Innovation Foundation, Washington DC

, June 30, 2009.

Today, approximately two-thirds of the award-winning U.S. innovations involve some kind of inter-organizational collaboration -- a situation that reflects the more collaborative nature of the innovation process and the greater role in private sector innovation by government agencies, federal laboratories, and research universities.

"Where Do Innovations Come From? Transformations in the U.S. Economy, 1970-2006" (with Fred Block). Socio-Economic Review 7, no. 3 (2009): 459-483.
Analyzes a unique data set of award-winning technologies reveals critical changes in the organization of the U.S. innovation economy, including the increasingly central role of the U.S. government in supporting innovative technologies.
"Building on Success: Reforming the U.S. Innovation System," (with Fred Block), December 31, 2008.

The report was released at a December 1, 2008 policy event and conference in Washington D.C. Co-sponsored by the Economic Policy Institute, the Information Technology and Innovation Foundation, the Breakthrough Institute, and the University of California, Davis, the conference brought together panels of experts to address how to strengthen the U.S. innovation system, the 'green challenge' - investing in innovation for energy independence and stability, and how to overcome obstacles to improving the innovation system in the United States.