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Joanne Connor Green

Professor of Political Science, Texas Christian University

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Green's primary research area involves the role of gender in American politics - specifically the disparate manner in which the public evaluates male and female candidates involved in political scandals and, more broadly, the relationship between gender and political representation. Green teaches classes in both political science and women and gender studies, and has served as department chair of both academic departments.



"Do Women Legislators Have a Positive Effect on the Supportiveness of States toward Older Citizens?" (with Charles Lockhart and Jean Giles-Sims). Journal of Women, Politics and Policy 33, no. 1 (2012): 38-64.
Shows how increasing women’s legislative presence is likely to better enable states to meet the needs of growing numbers of ever more aged citizens.
"Countervailing Influences of Black and Women Legislators on State Age Friendliness" (with Jean Giles-Sims and Charles Lockhart). Research in the Sociology of Health Care 31 (2012): 235-259.

Finds that, controlling for the most prominent alternative factors generally shaping state orientations and policies, women legislators are selectively supportive of dimensions of state elderly friendliness, but African-American legislators do not share this support.