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Emma Zang

Assistant Professor of Sociology, Yale University

About Emma

Zang's research focuses on family and health. Overarching themes in her writings include gender inequality within the family and population health disparities. Zang serves as an expert in China by the BBC World News and as an expert in gendered consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic by MoneyToday (South Korea).

In the News

"The TikTok Pigtails Trend Should End Now," Emma Zang, Culture and Lifestyle, NBC Think, August 29, 2022.
"Before and During COVID-19: Telecommuting, Work-Family Conflict, and Gender Equality," Emma Zang (with Thomas Lyttelton and Kelly Musick), Council on Contemporary Families, August 4, 2020.


"Sickness-Related Absences During the COVID-19 Pandemic: The Role of Occupations" (with Thomas Lyttelton). Journal of Health and Social Behavior (2022).

Documents the enormous disparities in workers off sick from work that emerged across the labor market in the first months of the pandemic. Shows sicknesses increased in low-paying frontline occupations and occupations with little schedule flexibility. Workers in these jobs are disproportionately Black, Hispanic and Indigenous.

"Gender Differences in Telecommuting and Implications for Inequality at Home and Work," (with Thomas Lyttelton and Kelly Musick), July 2020.

Shows that prior to the pandemic, shifting to remote work increased gender gaps in housework but decreased gaps in childcare. Remote work worsened mothers' work environments relative to fathers' as mothers more frequently report combining paid work and childcare.