John Kuk

Professor of Political Science: Inequality and Computational Social Science, University of Oklahoma-Norman Campus
Chapter Member: Oklahoma SSN
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Kuk's research focuses on the political causes and consequences of economic, racial, gender, and housing inequality. Kuk's overarching themes in writings include 1) the effect of rising income inequality on racial polarization, 2) online rental market and housing segregation, and 3) political parties and group inequality.

In the News

Opinion: "Why Republicans Don’t Push Back on Trump’s China Tariffs — In One Map," John Kuk (with Deborah Seligsohn and Jiakun Jack Zhang), The Washington Post, August 7, 2018.


"A Disproportionate Burden: Strict Voter Identification Laws and Minority Turnout" (with Zoltan Hajnal and Nazita Lajevardi). A Disproportionate Burden: Strict Voter Identification Laws and Minority Turnout (2020).

Discusses how counties with higher non-White voters in a state that enacted strict voter ID laws show decreased turnout compared to counterparts in states that did not enact strict voter ID laws.

"Housing Search in the Age of Big Data: Smarter Cities or the Same Old Blind Spots?" (with John Kuk, Geoff Boeing, and Max Besbris). Housing Policy Debate 31, no. 1 (2020): 112-126.

Mentons that Craigslist listings in low-income, non-White neighborhoods have less amounts of information than high-income, White neighborhoods.

"Democratic Party Control Reduces Gender Inequality" (with Zoltan Hajnal). Legislative Studies Quarterly (2020).

Finds Democratic party control of the state house reduces gender inequality.