Joseph Anthony

Assistant Professor of Political Science, SUNY, Cortland
Chapter Member: Central New York SSN
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Anthony researches the systems that structure U.S. political participation and the institutions that incentivize and mobilize participation. Joseph studies election administration, as well as political parties & organizations. Joseph worked in political arenas for 15 years before his doctoral training. He has served on the National Board of Directors of the American Civil Liberties Union and the National Council on Independent Living. Joseph’s research has been supported by the MIT Election Data and Science Lab, the Hewlett Foundation, The New America Foundation, and the Rural Renewal Initiative program (Oklahoma State University).


Local Political Parties as Networks: A Guide to Self-Assessment

  • Lara Putnam
  • Daniel Schlozman
  • Tabatha Abu El-Haj
  • Joseph Anthony
  • Jacob M. Grumbach
  • Adam Seth Levine
  • Caroline Tervo

The Importance of Updating the Help America Vote Act


"Ranked Choice Voting in Maine from the Perspective of Local Election Officials" (with Robert W. Glover, Amy Fried, and David C. Kimball). Election Law Journal (2021).

Examines the role of local election officials (LEO) as implementers of state election reforms. Derives that data comes from a survey of municipal clerks in Maine conducted after the 2018 general election, as well as interviews with many local officials, garnering their assessments of ranked choice voting (RCV).

"Implementing Voter ID: Lessons From Missouri, USA" (with David C. Kimball). Policy Studies 41, no. 2 (2019): 210-229 .

Discusses how many states have adopted laws requiring voters to present photo identification on Election Day. How are these laws implemented in a highly decentralized system of election administration?