Katherine T. McCabe

Assistant Professor, Rutgers University-New Brunswick

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McCabe studies public opinion, political psychology, and policy feedback. Her research examines how individuals' social identities, personal experiences, and attitudes both shape and complicate how they engage in politics.


How Affluent College Campuses Encourage Support for Conservative Economic Policies

  • Tali Mendelberg
  • Adam Thal


"After It's Too Late: Estimating the Policy Impacts of Black Mayoralties in U.S. Cities" (with Daniel J. Hopkins). American Politics Research 40, no. 4 (2012): 665-700.

Suggests a disconnect between the racially polarized elections that produce black mayors and the governance that follows. Raises doubts about the potential of city elections to induce accountability, but points to criminal justice as one area where black mayors make a distinct impact on urban policy.

"Political Ideology, Skin Tone, and the Psychology of Candidate Evaluations" (with Amy E. Lerman and Meredith Sadin). Public Opinion Quarterly 79, no. 1 (2015): 53-90.

Examines the role of political ideology in shaping black voters’ evaluations of political candidates’ race and skin tone. Challenges simplistic notions of black preference for descriptive representation.