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Katherine Nasol

PhD Candidate in Cultural Studies , University of California, Davis

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Nasol's research focuses broadly on issues of social movements, migration, labor, race, and citizenship. As a researcher for both US-based and international NGOs, overarching themes in her research includes policy reports on labor rights violations in Hong Kong, a two year qualitative project on the trafficking of Filipino migrants in the US, and a nation-wide report on the illegal deductions of social grants in South Africa. Nasol serves as a Policy and Advocacy Associate for the UC Davis Bulosan Center for Filipino Studies, the first Center for Filipino Studies within the University of California system.


How to Address California's Growing Crises of Housing and Homelessness

  • Katherine Nasol
  • Roy Brillantes Taggueg

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"Balikbayan Boxes: Exploring Legal Status and Citizenship of Trafficked Filipino Migrant Workers in the United States," Stanford University, Dissertation, May 8, 2015.

Studies the stories of four trafficked Filipino migrants in Long Beach, CA; New Orleans, LA; and Washington D.C. Analyzes how trafficked migrants navigate legal status throughout their labor migration journey. Finds that trafficked migrant workers must juggle multiple statuses transnationally, and that these statuses have their own informal and formal duties and rights. 

"Tracing Trafficking throughout the Migrant's Journey," Mission for Migrant Workers, November 1, 2014.

Discusses human trafficking and how it can be found throughout the domestic helper's migration journey. Aims to understand how Filipino and Indonesian migrant workers are vulnerable to trafficking throughout their travels from the sending country to Hong Kong.