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Kim Zamarin

Program Director, Pacific Institute for Research and Evaluation-Southwest

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Zamarin has over 20 years of experience in public health, as a program director, evaluator, strategic planner and meeting facilitator, as a community outreach and engagement specialist, training and technical assistance provider, and as an organizer of public policy and public education campaigns on issues ranging from Medicaid, behavioral health, community health, and unemployment insurance reform, to community schools and the Hispanic educational achievement gap. Zamarin provides support to organizations and campaigns and manages a wide variety of projects for stakeholders including Native American, Hispanic/Latinx, rural, and LGBTQIA+ community members.


School Nurses are Critical to the Health and Well-Being of Children and Families

    Daniel Shattuck
  • Mary M. Ramos
  • Rachel A. Sebastian

In the News

Opinion: "Programs, Policy, Campaigns, Operations & Evaluation," Kim Zamarin, Linkedin, March 25, 2022.


"Cultivating Healing by Implementing Restorative Practices for Youth: Protocol for a Cluster Randomized Trial" (with Cathleen E. Willging, Layla M. Dehaiman, Amy E. Green, and Patricio Ruiloba). International Journal of Educational Research 93 (2019): 168-176.

Describes cultivating healing by implementing restorative practices for youth: Protocol for a cluster randomized trial.