Mark D. Benigni

Superintendent of Schools, Meriden, Connecticut
Areas of Expertise:
  • K-12 Education
  • School Reform

About Mark

Benigni is an experienced K-12 public educator who has led schools and a school system to increased student growth through collaboration and innovation. He was recently recognized as a 2015 Education Week Leaders to Learn From. He has served as Mayor of the City of Meriden for four terms, as well as a city-wide city councilor for four years. In addition, he served on the Education Cost Sharing Task Force for the State of Connecticut, co-chairs the Connecticut Association of Urban Superintendents, and is the chair of the State Education Resource Center.


Meeting Common Core Standards through Teamwork and Teacher Development

  • Miguel A. Cardona

The Many Benefits of More Time in School



"The Compassionate Leader" American School Board Journal (March 2007): 31-32.

States unequivocally that, in our push for academic excellence, we must not take the heart and soul out of our schools.

"No Safety Net Required" (with Maureen Moylan). Principal Leadership (April 2009): 22-27.

Discusses a nontraditional education program where student-selected vocational education and volunteerism is the focus.

"Weaving Together Student Supports" (with Bruce A. Miller). Principal Leadership (January 2010): 53-57.

Highlights how a discussion of equity begins with understanding how equity is different from equality and fairness; student support networks ensure that efforts to teach continue until students learn.

"Separate but Equal" (with Bruce A. Miller). American School Board Journal (May 2010): 34-35.

Discusses an in-school program that helps keep troubled students focused on classwork.

Mentoring Matters: A Toolkit for Organizing and Operating Student Advisory Programs (with Sheryll Petrosky) (Rowman & Littlefield Education, 2011).

Teaches how to build, implement, and refine a school-based mentoring program, and personalize well-developed mentoring lessons to use with student groups.

"The Inspirational Leader" (with Mark A. Hughes). School Administrator (May 2012): 37-39.

Asks: what can administrative leaders do to support educators' dreams and nurture their creative visions?

"The Supportive Leader" (with Mark A. Hughes). American School Board Journal (July 2012): 23-24.

Argues that teachers and administrators hear plenty of criticism - what they really need are school leaders who can inspire, motivate, and support them.

In the News

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