Ryan Voris

Assistant Professor of Political Science, Abraham Baldwin Agricultural College
Chapter Member: Georgia SSN

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Voris’ research focuses on political behavior and public opinion. Overarching themes in Voris’ writings include the fact that political parties often attempt to use election law to impact election outcomes and that often these attempts have unexpected consequences. Voris works on several projects that examine the impact of voter photo ID laws on turnout in elections. Voris has also presented papers that look at who reports being denied a ballot due to lack of proper identification and, with a co-author, how the complexity of obtaining a photo ID impacts participation in states that require a photo ID to vote.


"The Partisan Strategy of Voter Identification Requirements: Barrier to the Ballot or Mobilizer of Minorities?," University of Kentucky, 2016.

Notes that voter ID laws have become more common over the past several elections, and passage lines up with Republican control of state governments. Notes this appears to be related to concerns about a changing electoral and their chances of winning subsequent elections. Finds, surprisingly, states with more stringent voter ID laws see higher turnout relative to other states. Proposes this may be due to efforts by various groups to mobilize those thought to be most impacted by photo ID laws.

"Voter Identification Requirements and Participation: A Cause for Alarm?" in Why Don't Americans Vote?: Causes and Consequences, edited by Bridgett King and Kathleen Hale (ABC-Clio, 2016).

Notes political parties often have an incentive to craft election law to their own advantage. Notes voter photo ID laws present an opportunity to do this for Republican officials because many of those without access to photo ID are parts of the Democratic coalition. Determines, however, that many studies show conflicting results as to whether photo ID laws actually impact voter turnout or election results.