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Sara Goldrick-Rab

Professor of Sociology & Medicine, Temple University
Founder, Wisconsin HOPE Lab
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Goldrick-Rab's research focuses on students’ basic needs in higher education. Her work sparked the national #RealCollege movement and legislation to address food and housing insecurity. Goldrick-Rab is also the President and Founder of the Hope Center for College, Community, and Justice in Philadelphia and the Chief Strategy Officer for Emergency Aid at Edquity, a student financial success and emergency aid company. She founded Believe in Students, a nonprofit distributing emergency aid.

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Assesses food and housing insecurity among community college students. Bases results of a survey of more than 33,000 students at 70 community colleges in 24 states--the broadest survey of its kind--that describes the extent to which students are adversely affected by unmet basic needs while pursuing higher education

"Still Hungry and Homeless in College," (with Sara Goldrick-Rab, Schneider J. Richardson, and C. Cady), Wisconsin HOPE Lab, 2018.

Finds 36% of university students reported being food insecure in the 30 days preceding the survey compared with 42% of community college students. Shows similarly, 36% of university students reported being housing insecure in the last year compared with 51% of community college students. Homelessness was 9% versus 12%.  Contends these findings indicate unmet basic needs disproportionately affect marginalized students who often work long hours in addition to academic workloads.

"Coming Up Short: Basic Needs Insecurity on the College Campus" (with Sara Goldrick-Rab and J. Richardson), in The Structure of Schooling, edited by Richard Arum, Irenee R. Beattie and Kelly Ford (SAGE Publications, Inc, 2020), Chapter 27.

Discusses exploration of Basic Needs Insecurity on the College Campus.

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Discusses strategic efforts of college leaders to support students from low-income families who are unable to pay their college costs without experiencing material hardship.

"Investing in Student Completion: Overcoming Financial Barriers to Retention Through Small-Dollar Grants and Emergency-Aid Programs," (with Karole Dachelet), Wisconsin HOPE Lab Report for Scholarship America, 2015.

Explores emergency aid program administrative practices at colleges and universities across the country. Identifies commonly used eligibility and fund disbursement practices and provide recommendations for strengthening program processes.

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Addresses the growing concern that student loan programs are not a sustainable solution to the problem of mounting college costs, and argues that the time has come to reform the financial aid system so that it is more effective in promoting college affordability, access, and completion.
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Outlines a Free Two Year College Option (F2CO) that can be funded by partnerships between states and the federal government with existing resources, developed to overcome the problems in previous efforts to make college more affordable, and designed to ensure that wider access occurs without reductions in educational quality.
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Provides a blueprint for a long-overdue investment in improving community colleges and access; establish national goals and a related performance measurement system; provide resources to drive college performance toward those goals; stimulate greater innovation in community college policies and practices to enhance the quality of subbaccalaureate education; and support data systems to track student and institutional progress and performance.