Sierra Smucker

Associate Policy Researcher, RAND Corporation

About Sierra

Smucker’s research, work, and teaching explore the ways in which less-advantaged groups gain access to political power and influence in important policy debates. Focusing on the role of social movements and the political feedback effects of policy making, Smucker looks at how the state can influence who has access to power. She has particular expertise in the political leanings of millennial women and gender violence in the United States. Smucker also works for the Sanford Global Governance Program for Social Innovation as part of her larger interest in how public policy can better address the needs of marginalized groups.

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In the News

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Research discussed by "Stricter Gun Control Could Stop Violent Men Killing Their Partners and Themselves," Science Daily, April 24, 2018.
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Opinion: "Three More Dead in California: Why the U.S. Political System is to Blame," Sierra Smucker, LSE USCentre Blog, April 12, 2017.
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"Indecision in Action," (with Kristin Anne Goss), Duke University, 2015.

Investigates the political cohesion of millennial women using nationally representative survey data and qualitative interviews.