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Stefanie L. Sequeira

PhD Candidate, University of Pittsburgh
Chapter Member: Central Pennsylvania SSN
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Sequeira's research focuses on social and neurobiological factors contributing to the development of anxiety disorders during adolescence. Overarching themes in Sequeira's writings include the role of reward function in the development of anxiety and examining how peer relationships influence anxiety through effects on brain maturation. Sequeira serves as a representative for the Psychological Clinical Science Accreditation System (PCSAS) and a member of Scholars for Elevating Equity & Diversity (SEED).


Talking to Youth of Color about Racism

  • Chardee A. Galán
  • Cassandra Boness
  • Molly Bowdring
  • Julie Cristello
  • Juan Carlos Gonzalez
  • Nabila Jamal Orozco


"Combatting the Conspiracy of Silence: Clinician Recommendations for Talking About Racism-Related Events With Youth of Color" (with Cassandra Boness, Molly Bowdring, Chardee A. Galán, Juan Carlos Gonzalez, Nabila Jamal Orozco, Irene Tung, Alexandra R. Tabachnick, Derek M. Novacek, Isabella Kahhale, Beza M. Bekele, and Beza M. Bekele). Journal of the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry (2021).

Discusses key clinician recommendations for talking about racism and racism-related events with youth of color.