Health Equity Scholars Program 2023-24


In 2021, the Scholars Strategy Network, with the backing of the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, introduced the Health Equity Scholars Program. The program's inception was motivated by the objective of fostering holistically healthy communities. Now in its second year, SSN is committed to the ongoing support of this program and its primary goal.

The 2023-24 HESP Cohort

The 2023-24 HESP cohort consists of early-career scholars conducting research on social determinants of health. The program is structured to enable cohort members to disseminate their research findings among peers, senior scholars, policymakers, and practitioners. This sharing of diverse perspectives aims to shed light on how to conduct rigorous and actionable research and apply it to the field of public health.

HESP's year-long schedule kicks off at the beginning of the 2023 academic year and extends through the summer of 2024. The calendar includes an early 2024 cohort gathering, ongoing virtual group workshops and training sessions, and individual support from SSN staff. These resources are designed to empower participants with the tools and skills required to communicate their research findings to policy stakeholders, enhance their professional development, and foster relationships with their peers and senior scholars.


  • Share research findings in a clear and accessible way to raise awareness and increase engagement.
  • Partner with policymakers and community organizations to ensure that research is used to make a positive impact.
  • Conduct research centered on community needs and the promotion of equity.
  • Develop strategies for successful grant applications to secure funding for critical research.
  • Balance professional development goals with public engagement to ensure that research has a real-world impact.

Contact Info

If you have questions about the program, reach out to Ana Rosa Granados, Health Policy Associate,  at [email protected].

Meet the Health Equity Scholars Program 2023-24 Cohort Members

SIU School of Medicine
Drexel University
Indiana University
University of Wisconsin-Madison
Mississippi State University
Indiana University
University of South Florida
University of Michigan- Ann Arbor
North Carolina State University
Washington University in St Louis
University of Washington
Mississippi State University
University of Houston
NYU Langone Health
Cornell University
University of Denver
University of Alabama at Birmingham
Doctor and patient

HESP Cohort 2021

In 2021, SSN and RWJF debuted the Health Equity Scholars Program. This program kicked off a year of ongoing professional development and public engagement support for emerging scholars studying social determinants of health.