1 Expert Available for Timely Analysis on SCOTUS Religion Case

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On December 8th, the Supreme Court is hearing Carson v. Makinwhich concerns whether or not religious institutions should benefit from state funding. For journalists covering this case, Professor Rebecca Sager is available for comments.

Sager has pursued an extensive research agenda on the intersection of religion, government, and public policy throughout her career. She started this work focusing on state level faith-based initiatives and has since expanded her research by working on a new project that examines how religious leaders interact with local government officials in the United States. Sager is Professor and Chair of Sociology at Loyola Marymount University. She is the author of Faith, Politics, and Power: The Politics of Faith-Based Initiatives

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Loyola Marymount University
Rebecca Sager

Quote: "In the last few years we have already seen the court move away from a separationist framework and this trend will only continue. With the newly entrenched activist majority - which clearly has no interest in respecting precedent when it comes to ruling on issues near and dear to the religious right - we will likely see a disintegration of any barrier we would consider a "wall" between church and state."