5 Experts Available For Timely Analysis On Union Activity and Strikes

Director of Communications

As "Striketober" continues for another week, the following list of university-based researchers studying unions and labor are available to be contact by reporters. From the IATSE contract negotiations, to the Kellogg's and John Deere strikes, to the push for unionization at Starbucks and Amazon's Staten Island location, these experts can provide commentary and analysis on these ongoing stories.

University of California, San Diego

Ahlquist has done substantial work examining the political and economic behavior of labor unions. His work to date focuses on how legal and political institutions interact with unions’ organizational rules to affect union behavior and public policy. 

Fordham University

Rhomberg’s research focuses on labor and urban community in the United States and in historical and contemporary contexts. He has studied how law has increasingly constrained workers’ rights to act collectively and how labor conflicts at the workplace can extend out into the local community. 

Washington University in St Louis

Rosenfeld’s research focuses on economic inequality, political participation, and changes in the ways in which workers get paid. Current projects include an analysis of the broad consequences of labor union decline for American workers.

Saint Martin's University

Walker studies how public policies shape and constrain citizens and groups’ behavior in American politics. Her current research examines how public policies have influenced the size, composition and effectiveness of organized labor in American politics. 

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Wilmers studies the causes and consequences of rising U.S. income inequality. His research includes how wage stagnation and rising earnings inequality result from weakening labor market institutions, changing market power, and job restructuring. He previously worked on labor issues at the National Labor Relations Board and as a research analyst at the AFL-CIO.