Experts Available: Biden Infrastructure Plan

If you're looking for experts to provide commentary and analysis for your coverage of President Biden's infrastructure plan, the following university-based experts are available to comment on its transit, green energy, and housing components:


University of Missouri-St. Louis

Painter’s research primarily centers around transportation and technology, including public transit, transportation network companies (TNCs), and transportation planning. Most of her focus has been on mobility within urban transportation systems, including light-rail systems and the urban policy process of TNC policy.

Green Energy

Syracuse University

Huber's research focuses on the politics of energy and climate change, including the relationship between oil and American politics, the political economy of mineral extraction, and the industrial ecologies of agricultural fertilizers.

Hamilton College

Cannavò is an environmental political theorist. His research focuses on how our conceptions of and relationships with the natural world, as well as how the civic republican tradition intersects with environmentalism and in the implications of climate change for civic virtue and democracy. 


The George Washington University

Jones' research focuses on the residential and neighborhood context in which individuals live (such as housing instability, food deserts, and concentrated poverty) as a way to understand health disparities among marginalized populations. 

University of South Florida

Strom's research focuses on the intersection of policy, politics and planning in US and some European cities, including downtown redevelopment, the role of arts and culture in urban development, and affordable housing/foreclosure issues.