Experts Available: Immigration Bill

Strategic Communications Associate

Today, the White House announced a sweeping immigration bill which would create a pathway to citizenship, clear asylum applicant backlogs, and more. To provide analysis on the bill and its implications for immigration policy, SSN has experts available and ready to comment. 

Immigration Bill

University of Kentucky

Bobadilla's research focuses on the history of the modern immigrants' rights movement. He is available to comment on immigration policy generally, family separation, reform efforts, nativism and xenophobia, and DREAMers.



American University

Castañeda’s research compares Latino immigrants in the U.S. and Muslim immigrants in Europe. He is available to comment on immigration policy, the border wall, refugees, immigrant integration, and Hispanics and COVID.


City University of New York

Law’s research focuses on the interaction between law, legal institutions, and politics. Her substantive areas of expertise are in U.S. immigration and constitutional law, policy, and history. She is available to comment on US immigration policy.



University of California, San Diego

Wong's research focuses on the politics of immigration, citizenship, and migrant "illegality." He is available to comment on DACA, legalization, border and asylum policies, and ICE reform.