Experts Available: PRO Act and Labor Unions

This week, the House of Representatives is expected to vote on the PRO Act regarding labor and unions in the U.S. For reporters covering this bill, the following researchers are available to provide expert analysis and commentary.


City University of New York

Milkman is a sociologist of labor and labor movements who has written on a variety of topics involving work and organized labor in the United States, past and present. 


Quote: "The PRO Act is a long overdue reform measure that would update U.S. labor law for the 21st century, and help to put the brakes on the precipitous decline in unionization rates that the nation has suffered since the 1970s. In addition to addressing the sharp imbalance of power between employers and workers, it could also help to reverse the skyrocketing growth of inequality of recent decades."

Washington University-St. Louis

Rosenfeld is an expert on the political and economic determinants of inequality in the U.S.


Quote: "The PRO Act goes well beyond prior efforts considered by the Carter, Clinton, and Obama Administrations, and would fundamentally alter the basic bargaining arrangement between unions and employers."