Border Detention: Experts Available to Comment on House Hearing

Associate Director of Communications and Producer, No Jargon

The House Committee on Oversight and Reform is holding a hearing tomorrow featuring DHS and HHS Inspectors General, as well as members of Congress who visited the border. If you're looking for expert input or commentary for your coverage of the hearings and immigrant detention, these scholars are available and happy to connect.

Immigration Experts

University of South Florida

Expert on immigration of Latinos in the United States, undocumented youth, and the trials of being undocumented.

University of Kentucky

Expert on Latino history and immigrant rights.

University of South Florida

Expert on the impact that unknown migration status has on immigrants' health.

University of Leeds

Expert on immigration enforcement including border control, immigration detention, and asylum, and on the private sector's involvement in immigrant detention.

Stony Brook University

Expert on migration and border policy-making, and immigration enforcement practices (especially detention, deportation, and the private sector’s involvement).