Student Debt Explained by Experts

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Communications Manager and Producer, No Jargon

On June 26 and 27th, Democratic presidential hopefuls face their first debate on a national stage. While the debates will cover a broad range of issues, student debt is likely to be among them. As you prepare for your coverage of the debates and resulting policy discussions, the following scholars are available and prepared to comment on student debt.

Student Debt

University of Wisconsin-Madison

Expert on the intersection of family economics and social demography, including the role of education loans and credit card debt on early union formation and racial wealth differences in student loan repayment.



University of California, Merced

Expert on tuition reform in public universities. Eaton's research examines relationships between financialization and growing inequalities in U.S. higher education. 



University of San Francisco

Expert on rising tuition and college access, choice, and success for for low-income and minority students. 



Dartmouth College

Expert on rising debt and social inequality, as well as how debt and the Great Recession are linked to population health and mental health.



San Francisco State University

Expert on minority student matriculation in higher education and postsecondary campus climate issues related to students of color.



St. Mary's College of California

Expert on America's Historically Black Colleges and Universities.



University of Pennsylvania

Expert on the student debt crisis and identifying how social structures, educational practices, and public policies can promote college access and attainment, particularly for groups that continue to be underrepresented in higher education.