What's Next for American Democracy

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Forum | The New Blue Divide

By Jacob S. Hacker and Paul Pierson

"As the 2024 elections approach, few questions are more fundamental than whether Democrats can build and hold together a broad multiracial and cross-class coalition."

Published in Boston Review

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Opinion | Trump Has a Master Plan for Destroying the ‘Deep State’

By Donald Moynihan

"If Mr. Trump has a chance to implement his various plans, expect a weaker American government, worse public services and the dismantling of limits on presidential power."

Published in The New York Times 

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Webinar Recording | What's Next For American Democracy

Does American democracy face dire ongoing challenges that threaten honest elections and effective government responsive to the majority? Watch this lively conversation on the future of American democracy with speakers Theda SkocpolKeith WhittingtonChloe Thurston, and Larry Jacobs.


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Opinion | How PR Can Decrease Polarization

By Jennifer McCoy 

"The United States stands out among Western democracies for its extreme partisan political polarization. It has reached the level of 'pernicious polarization,' by which I mean a division of society into two mutually distrustful political camps that harms democracy."

Published in Democracy 

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Opinion | Americans remain hopeful about democracy despite fears of its demise – and are acting on that hope

By Ray Block, Andrene Wright, and Mia Angelica Powell

"[D]espite widespread fears over the future of democracy, many people are also hopeful, and that hope translated into “voting for democracy” by shunning election result deniers at the polls."

Published in The Conversation