4 Experts Available for Timely Analysis of Biden State of the Union Housing Proposal

Director of Communications

During his State of the Union address, President Biden unveiled a new policy proposal to provide $5000 tax credits to first-time home buyers, as well as $10,000 credits to those selling their starter homes. For reporters covering these proposals, the following experts are available to provide comments:

University of Toronto
Prentiss Dantzler

Dantzler's research examines how and why neighborhoods change and how communities and policymakers create and react to those changes. Overarching themes in Dantzler's writings include urban poverty, race and ethnic relations, housing policy, and community development. 

College of William and Mary

Howard is a leading expert on the history and politics of U.S. social policy. He has written about the development of tax breaks for homeowners (in The Hidden Welfare State) as well as the current state of low-income housing programs (in Who Cares: The Social Safety Net in America). His op-eds have been published by the Washington Post, The Hill, and CNN.com.

Oklobdzija's research focuses on housing policy, specifically how voters conceive of housing markets and how these perceptions influence the policies that local governments pursue. He previously served as Research Director for California YIMBY, a pro-housing advocacy group pushing reform legislation in that state.

University of Missouri-St Louis
Todd Swanstrom Headshot

Swanstrom's research focuses on urban politics and public policy, with a special focus on the ways residential living patterns shape lives and participation in politics. Overarching themes of his work includes community development and equitable urban and neighborhood planning. He is author of The Changing American Neighborhood (Cornell U. Press, 2023) that examines how housing impacts communities.