5 Experts Available for Timely Analysis on SCOTUS Gun Case

Director of Communications

On November 7th, the United States Supreme Court is set to hear arguments in United States v. Rahimi. This case will decide whether a federal law barring people under domestic-violence restraining orders from possessing firearms is unconstitutional. For reporters covering the case and its implications, the following experts are available to comment:

Rowan University
Allan Jiao

Jiao's research focuses on policing issues in the U.S. and some other countries and regions. Overarching themes in Jiao's writings include consent decrees on police, policing of gun crimes, and police reforms.

University of Connecticut

Raissian is the Director of UConn’s Center for Advancing Research, Methods, and Scholarship in Gun Injury Prevention. Her research focuses on how to reduce domestic violence, improve child well-being, and reduce gun related death and injury.

Rutgers University-Camden

Semenza's research focuses on gun violence, victimization, and the connections between criminal justice exposure and health, including a focus on firearm availability and the implications of firearm policy.

RAND Corporation

Smucker's research focuses on family health and wellbeing and protecting families' most vulnerable members, including gun violence and substance misuse prevention, and domestic violence intervention and policy.

Occidental College

Weiss’s research examines how public, private, and nonprofit sectors come together to define and address social problems, with a focus on sexual and domestic violence.