June v. Russo SCOTUS Case Explained by Experts

Today, the Supreme Court struck down a law in Louisiana that required doctors to have admitting privileges at a nearby hospital if they worked at clinics that perform abortions. 

Below, find a list of scholars who are available to be contacted for comments and analysis by journalists writing about the Supreme Court decision and its implications.

Emory University

Expert on effects of abortion restrictions in the United States and how people's values, beliefs, emotions, identities, and lived experiences interact to shape their opinions. She is also working as an OB-GYN who provides abortion care.

University of California, San Francisco

Expert on understanding the factors that contribute to inequities in women’s reproductive health and justice. She has been a licensed nurse since 1993 and maintains clinical practice as a public health and staff nurse at San Francisco General Hospital in the Women’s Options Center.

University of California, San Francisco

Expert on reproductive health services, reproductive politics and the workforce in these fields. She has written widely, for both academic and lay audiences, on abortion and contraception. 

University of Cincinnati

Expert on issues surrounding reproduction, medical sociology, family, the body, gender, representations of reproduction in popular culture, and qualitative research methods. 

Stetson University College of Law

Expert on constitutional law, election law, corporate governance, and business entities, including the money behind anti-abortion laws.


Tulane University

Expert on the relationships between reproductive politics and social inequality. She is interested in the connections between political discourse, popular media, and advocacy work related to adolescent pregnancy and sexual health education, and how these influence distributions of resources and wealth.

The University of Texas at Austin

Expert on the impact of health service delivery models and policies on access to and use of highly effective contraception, with a focus on low-income and immigrant populations. 

University of California, San Francisco

Expert on abortion, women’s social and emotional experience of abortion, and social movements related to abortion rights. She has conducted research in Louisiana, including interviews with women who considered but did not obtain an abortion—for many of them, because of policy restrictions on abortion.