Mass Shootings: Gun Violence Explained by Experts

Associate Director of Communications and Producer, No Jargon

On June 26 and 27th, Democratic presidential hopefuls face their first debate on a national stage. While the debates will cover a broad range of issues, gun violence is likely to be among them. As you prepare for your coverage of the debates and resulting policy discussions, the following scholars are available and prepared to comment on gun violence. 

Gun Control and Safety Experts

Duke University

Expert on violence prevention (with a particular focus on firearms), criminal justice policy and crime prevention.

Duke University

Expert on the role of social movements and interest groups in representing less-advantaged groups in gun policy.

Northwestern University

Expert on urban neighborhoods, street gangs, violent crime, gun violence, and social networks.

University of Connecticut

Expert on the effect of policy on family violence and gun violence prevention

University of Texas at Austin

Expert on policing in the United States, gangs, firearms, social networks, and violence prevention. 

Duke University

Expert on how different public policies relate to varied outcomes, particularly those affecting the number of gun deaths in the American states.