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Utah Chapter on K-12 Public School Teacher Turnover in Utah

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Utah SSN brings together scholars from colleges and universities across Utah, including the state’s three research universities: the University of Utah, Utah State University, and Brigham Young University. As the first SSN chapter to be established in the mountain west, Utah SSN is uniquely suited to address issues of importance to the region, including immigration, energy policy, air and water quality, the environment and public lands, and health care. 

Latest in the News

Ian T. Adams's research on the benefits of police body cameras discussed in Brian Carlson, "More Police Embrace the Growing Demand for Officer Body Cameras," ABC 4 Utah, February 9, 2015.
"The Case for USDA Organic," David P. Carter, The Hill, October 15, 2018.
"A New Study Shows That More Utahns Are Discussing Climate Change," Peter D. Howe, Interview with Riana Gayle, Utah Public Radio, August 16, 2018.
"Secular Listening at a Brainstorming and Prayer Meeting on 11/9/16," Sarah Diefendorf, The Society Pages, November 21, 2016.
"#MeToo and Sexual Violence in the U.S. Fire Service," Sarah Diefendorf (with Emily Kalah Gade), Huffington Post, October 18, 2017.

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