5 Experts Available for Analysis of Gun Control Following Texas Mass Shooting

Director of Communications

In light of this week's horrific mass shooting at an elementary school in Texas, gun control legislation is once again being debated. For reporters covering the fallout from the shooting and the prospects for any legislative change, the following professors are available to provide commentary and analysis:


Duke University

Blocher co-directs the Center for Firearms Law. He teaches and writes about constitutional law, especially the First and Second Amendments. He is co-author of The Positive Second Amendment: Rights, Regulation, and the Future of Heller (Cambridge University Press, 2018).

University of Connecticut

Raissian is the Director of ARMS, which is UConn's Center for Gun Injury Prevention, and she is also the co-director of UConn’s Gun Violence Prevention – Research Interest Group. Her gun injury prevention research focuses on how policy and non-policy interventions can make families and communities safer.

Rutgers University-Camden

Semenza's research focuses on gun violence, victimization, and the connections between criminal justice exposure and health. Overarching themes in Semenza's writings include the public health consequences of the criminal justice system, firearm availability, racial disparities in violence exposure and health, and the implications of firearm policy.

Spitzer is the author of six books on gun policy, including The Politics of Gun Control (Routledge, 1995) and Guns across America (Oxford University Press, 2017). His new book on current gun issues is due out later this year (titled The Gun Dilemma: How History is Against Expanded Gun Rights).

University of Massachusetts-Boston

Wozniak researches the politics of crime and criminal justice with a particular focus on public opinion. He teaches classes about the criminal justice system, mass incarceration, social policy, and social science research methods. See his 2-page research brief on Why Mass Shootings Prompt Little Change in Public Opinion about Gun Control.