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The Oregon SSN chapter launched in March 2019 with a coalition of multidisciplinary scholars and researchers from leading advocacy organizations. Oregonians have a rich history of community, labor and civic engagement and that spirit is reflected in the SSN Chapter. Currently our areas of focus include labor standards policy and enforcement, family policy, poverty, inequality, education and expanded opportunities for women, people of color and members of low-income households.

Brandeis University
Boston College
Portland State University
Oregon State University
Pacific University
University of Oregon
University of Oregon
University of Oregon
University of Oregon

Latest Contributions

Addressing Wage Theft on County Projects

  • Lina Mary Caroline Stepick

Helping Parents Get a College Education Helps Children Succeed

  • Luisa S. Deprez
  • Lisa Dodson

Why Higher Education is a Must for Low-Income Mothers

  • Lisa Dodson
  • Luisa S. Deprez

Latest In the News

"Trump’s ‘Energy Dominance’ Ambitions Hit Another Snag on the West Coast," Hilary Boudet (with Shawn Olson Hazboun), The Conversation, May 8, 2019.
"Q & A: The UO Political Science Professor, 90-Plus Pages into the Mueller Report," Daniel J. Tichenor, Interview with Christian Hill, The Register-Guard, April 18, 2019.

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