Voting and Results Across the States: Experts Available for Election Day and Beyond

Director of Communications

It's election week and the Scholars Strategy Network has assembled a list of experts who are available to provide commentary and analysis on election developments in their home states throughout the week. From commenting on who is winning the race, to the use of mail-in ballots, to the situation on the ground on Election Day, these university-based researchers bring both their academic expertise and their personal experience to bear on the election.

Our list covers the following 29 states: Arizona, California, Connecticut, Florida, Georgia, Hawaii, Illinois, Indiana, Kansas, Kentucky, Maine, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, Oklahoma, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Texas, Virginia, West Virginia, Wisconsin.

Cell phone numbers are available for any listed expert upon request. Additional experts and states may be added throughout the week.


University of Arizona

Professor of Sociology


Earl's research focuses on social movements and the sociology of law, with research emphases on the Internet and social movements, social movement repression, and legal change. 


Professor of Political Science


Michelson’s research interests include California politics, with particular expertise in race/ethnic politics and voter turnout.


University of Connecticut

Professor of Law and Public Policy


Spencer is a trained political scientist and a lawyer. His research emphasizes the importance of using empirical evidence to judge campaign finance, voting rights, and election administration cases in the courts.


Stetson University College of Law

Professor of Law


Torres-Spelliscy’s work focuses primarily on the issue of money in politics, but also works on strengthening election laws more generally, as well as improving corporate governance. 


Georgia State University

Distinguished University Professor of Political Science


McCoy specializes in democratic transitions and backsliding, crisis prevention and conflict resolution, and electoral processes, including electronic voting and international election monitoring. 


University of Hawai'i at Manoa

Associate Professor of Political Science


Moore’s scholarship focuses on American political development, how public bureaucracies shape politics and public policy, the historical analysis of institutional change, and the politics of U.S. territories.


Southern Illinois University Edwardsville

Associate Professor of Political Science


Rice studies the presidency and policymaking, civic engagement and political participation, media and politics, and presidential campaigns. 


Purdue University

Associate Professor of Political Science and African American Studies Chair


Brown is a scholar of American politics whose work focuses on identity politics, legislative studies, and Black women's studies, using the theory of intersectionality to study topics across multiple disciplines.


Emporia State University

Professor of Political Science


Smith’s scholarship focuses on state and local government,  political parties, and civic engagement and voting laws, including how voter turnout changes in states with photo ID and proof-of-citizenship voting laws.


University of Louisville

Professor of Political Science


Clayton’s research includes the modern day civil rights movement and political discourse, representation and electoral systems in the United States, law and race, and African American politics.


University of Maine

Associate Professor of Honors and Political Science


Glover’ research deals with the implications of citizenship and immigration policy for how we understand political membership, participation, and community.


University of Massachusetts Amherst

Assistant Professor of Political Science


Ahmed’s main area of expertise is the study of democratic institutions and particularly electoral systems. 


Michigan State University

Associate Professor of Political Science


Grossmann's work focuses on American politics and government, including national and state policymaking, election campaigns, interest groups, and political parties. 


Hamline University

Distinguished University Professor of Political Science and Legal Studies


Schultz teaches across a wide-range of American politics classes including public policy and administration, campaigns and elections, government ethics, and election law.  


Mississippi State University

Assistant Professor of American Politics


Merivaki's research focuses on the empirical assessment of election reforms on the administration of elections across the American states. 


University of Missouri-St. Louis

Professor of Political Science 


Kimball studies elections and interest group lobbying in the United States. His election research examines election administration and the impact of election laws and institutions on voters. 

New Jersey

Rutgers University

Associate Professor of Planning and Public Policy


Rubin's research examines the intersection of education policy, community development, and social justice.

New Mexico

University of New Mexico

Professor of Political Science


Sanchez conducts research and teaches in the area of American politics with a specific emphasis on Latino politics, health politics and policy, and New Mexico politics.

New York

Fordham University

Assistant Professor of Political Science


Heersink's research focuses on political parties and election campaigns. Heersink's writings include studies on the influence national party organizations have in American politics, and the way strategic choices and events influence election outcomes.

North Carolina

Duke University

Associate Professor of Political Science


Hayine's research examines how the theories, structures, and practices of American sub-national political institutions, especially legislatures, affect African Americans’ and women’s efforts to exert influence on the political system.


Kent State University

Assistant Professor of Political Science


Nickels is an interdisciplinary scholar, whose work focuses on urban politics and policy, community based organizations, and local democracy.


University of Oklahoma

Associate Professor of African American Studies


Benjamin's research interests include race and politics, local elections and voting behavior, and public opinion.


Portland State University

Professor Emerita of Economics


King is a labor economist, particularly focused on the economic conditions and policy strategies that expand opportunities for women, people of color and people from low-income backgrounds.


Pennsylvania State University

Professor of Public Policy and Political Science


Witko has expertise in interest group influence in the policy process, money in politics, state politics and policy, public policy (particularly economic, education, fiscal and regulatory policy), and the politics of income inequality. 


University of Tennessee

Assistant Professor of Political Science


Ojeda's research focuses American politics, public opinion, and political behavior. 


Baylor University

Associate Professor of Political Science


Flavin studies unequal political influence in the United States and what laws and institutional arrangements can promote greater political equality and democratic inclusion. 


Duke University

Kevin D. Gorter Professor of Public Policy and Political Science


Goss’s research, teaching, and service revolve around the theme of deep engagement by everyday individuals in the policy sphere. 

West Virginia

West Virginia University

Assistant Professor of Political Science


Franko’s research generally focuses on the causes and consequences of political, economic, and social inequality in the American context.


University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

Associate Professor of Political Science


Shah’s research examines the politics and policy consequences of racial and ethnic minority office holding, most often in cities and school districts.